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Marketing Strategy
Conceptualization & Development

A marketing strategy is essential for long-term success.

We build and envision your marketing & communications strategy to ensure you stand out from the crowd. After conducting extensive market research on your competitors & industry, we define your desired target audience and identify the most effective marketing tools to maximize your brand’s relevance in the heart & mind of consumers.


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Social Media Management

Nearly 60% of the world’s population is online and more than half of the world’s total population is using social media since the mid-2020s.

It is evident that social media is the new way of communication between brands and consumers. Your social media is your most powerful tool in reaching your customers & prospective clients and establishing a long term, meaningful relationship with them.

We are specialized in social media account management and developing online conversations with your audience, responding to their comments & messages on-time and implementing strong community management. The result is a successful online presence for your company & brand.

One thing is certain: from now on, you simply cannot be missing from the social media map!


3 billion people use Facebook actively on a monthly basis,1 billion use Instagram and 800 million use LinkedIn monthly. With the world’s Internet users spending an average of 7 hours online each day, the typical user now spends more than 40% of their waking life using the Internet.

In a nutshell, this means that more people are online to see your digital ads.

We plan and execute actionable Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and YouTube campaigns based on your business objectives , targeting your prospective clients via very specific criteria such as their location, gender, age, social class, interests, behavior etc. Depending on your objective, they can shop online, visit your website, click on your link and perform an array of conversions.

We are highly experienced in digital advertising in a variety of industries and know how to effectively manage your budget for the optimum results.


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 Content Creation & Design

“Content is King”, quoting Bill Gates. He was absolutely right! Content Marketing is your strategic marketing approach to create authentic, valuable & relevant content to connect with your audience and drive profitable customer action.

We curate the most impressive and appealing content on behalf of successful brands to be shared online. Content Marketing includes Copywriting, Image selection, Design, Photography, Video Creation.

Capitalize on your products & services through outstanding creative content & striking texts, and prosper online.


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Creative Writing, Brand Storytelling

Marketing is also creative writing! Creative writing is an art. And like art, it requires vision, creativity and experience. It is an incredibly valuable tool to add to your marketing tool belt. We are storytellers and tell your desired story in the most creative way to capture the attention and match your voice & tone. Gain momentum in the marketing world and connect with your audience by generating engagement, emotion and curiosity. Good stores fascinate.


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Video Production

Video content dominates the digital world. In only a few years time, 80% of all online content will be video and the average time spent watching digital video per day sums up to 100 minutes, according to market research. Capture your target audience’s attention and get your products & services in the spotlight through video marketing.

From storyboarding, to art direction and editing, we create video content for you to make an ever-lasting impression and build a solid competitive advantage.

We are creators of short videos for your social media accounts and larger scale productions, depending on your needs.


Website Design & Development, E-Shop creation 

Your website is your main brand asset in defining your brand identity and developing your clientele.
We cover all your digital needs, from your website’s design to its full production, designing and developing a highly performing, user-friendly & mobile/tablet responsive website to fit your needs. In addition, we develop your website’s e-commerce to help escalate your sales. Our goal is to create websites that convert and bring users back to your website.

Developing cutting-edge website solutions, we offer users a top notch digital experience and bond the distance between the human brain and digital product through state-of-the-art design & functionality.

Our services include: E-shop creation, Website creation, Landing Pages, User Experience (UX)/ User Interface (UI), Web Design, Mobile Applications, ERP connection, Custom Implementations


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Email Marketing

Although it is often considered old fashioned, Email Marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing tools to communicate your key messages & offers, while building long-term relationships with your customers.

Using a combined technique of email, design and social media, we generate leads to your customer database and measure your campaign’s performance.


Analytics & Reporting

The good thing about digital advertising is that it is fully transparent and quantifiable. Constantly tracking your campaigns’ progress, we are capable of measuring your ROI and optimizing results accordingly.

Involving forward-thinking data analysis, we construct detailed reports measuring actionable insights to optimize your performance.



Almost 75% of people will not scroll past the first page on a Google search. When 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, you need that visibility, so that you can be easily found on the search engines from prospective clients. Otherwise, you are missing out on potential clicks and brand awareness. Combining technical processes, we drive traffic to your website.

Apart from greater searchability and visibility, investing in your website’s SEO will make users trust your brand’s presence in the top positions of Google search results and ultimately choose you against competitors. Employing speialized SEO techniques, our experts will help your website appear whenever users search for related keywords.



PR, Media Relations, Influencer Marketing

We implement PR campaigns aiming to increase your brand’s awareness and build your reputation. We can help you with press office duties, press release writing, featured articles.

We are connected to leading media and outlets in every industry and maintain relations with opinion leaders,influencers, journalists & media professionals with whom we can connect you to best showcase your brand.

Also, we manage your press coverage through online/offline monitoring to identify insights, discover trends and analyze your customers’ sentiment. After all, your brand is what your customers say it is.


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Event Planning & Management

We effectively plan your event’s elements and pick the best vendors to fit your needs and budget. We are there to coordinate every asset of your event, from F & B vendors, to venue selection, photography & videography.

Working with us, you can rest assured that your event is going to be a memorable one and that all your guests will have the time of their life!